The beauty of family life is in the precious everyday moments. Home is for many of us the place where we feel happiest and most relaxed. And exactly those emotions we like to capture in photographs - true and sincere moments instead of fake poses. And of course each family is unique. Some families like baking together, some play sports in their backyard, others read books. We like to capture every family’s uniqueness, so that years from now you will be able to go back to those photos and remember how your children where giggling at that book, or how it used to smell in your kitchen. 

What we offer

  • A 3-hour documentary photoshoot in your home. We will not make a big fuss of ourselves, put pressure on you or shout instructions. We will observe your family and capture those truthful and sweet moments. During the photoshoot we all can also change the location, as long as it’s done by foot - we can, for example, go to your children’s favourite park nearby.

  • 40+ carefully picked and professionally edited photos, delivered for you via WeTransfer, online gallery or a USB stick.

  • Price: 300 CHF

We discuss your expectations and our offers with you individually. The price is calculated based on our working hours.