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Current location: Bern, CH

About us

We are Larissa and Jonathan Phileas, a Finnish-Swiss couple with a passion for storytelling via photography and videography. Right now we live in Bern, Switzerland, but we visit Finland on a regular basis, and every so often travel to other countries as well - always with our cameras.

About our work

We believe in quality over quantity. We want to capture your event, birthday party or family as it is, focusing on the beauty of true moments and emotions. During a photoshoot, we won’t ask you to stand in front of a white wall and freeze into a pose. For us it’s important that you can truly recognize yourself or your family in the photo or video - whether it’s you reading your favourite book or your family laughing at a shared joke. During an event, we won’t run around and make everyone nervous with our cameras, but rather blend in to the crowd and capture those small moments that represent the atmosphere and the people.

Through experience, we have found a way to combine our skills. Larissa does the photography, Jonathan is specialized in filming. Therefore we can for example come to an event and you can get both a professional video and beautiful photographs. Furthermore, together we are able to communicate with you in at least four languages - German, Finnish, English and Esperanto.

About practicalities

Photography and video-making are forms of art - therefore we take full artistic responsibility when it comes to choosing the photos and video clips, as well as editing them professionally. But don’t worry - we discuss all the details with you beforehand, and certainly won’t choose the shot of you sneezing or your child picking their nose - unless you find it a funny shot!

We deliver your pictures and videos through an online gallery, WeTransfer or a USB stick. We also offer to upload your video on our YouTube channel, so that you can share it online (private or unlisted uploading is also possible so that only people with the link can view the video). After you’ve got your video and pictures, they’re yours - you can make a photobook, show the video to your friends, frame the funniest shot and hang it on your wall or send the picture of your kids to your relatives. You can also upload your pictures to your social media channels - although in that case, we’d be happy if you gave us credit.

Got questions? We’d love to hear from you and design a solution that fits you, your family or your event!